The First Scheherazade’s Facade Review

I was absolutely thrilled to discover that a Publishers Weekly review of Scheherazade’s Facade went live today, and can now be found online.  As many of you likely know, Publishers Weekly is one of the major trade magazines for the publishing industry, and a favorable review from them has never, ever, hurt potential sales.  I’m honored that they chose this anthology for review, and that they liked it.

To read the full review, click through above.  But I want to extend a note of congratulations to the six authors singled out in the review (and not to worry, other six who weren’t mentioned, there will be more reviews to come, undoubtedly…you’ll all get your turn!)

The bottom line?

“…While the stories vary in quality, each one is guaranteed to make the reader question the roles and qualities often assigned to gender and sex. Jones (also a PW reviewer) provides a strong start for Circlet’s new Gressive imprint of works that explore outside the gender binary.”

So yes, that’s what you have to look forward to.  And it’s coming very soon now.

Rock on.

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