Chronicle – The Lost YA Reviews (2002)

This post is just here for the sake of completion. The following reviews ran in Chronicle issue 232, dated January 2003, and unfortunately, I no longer have any records of them beyond the actual magazine they appeared in. Someday, I’ll … Continue reading

The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens, edited by Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Tor, 2005)

When I first stumbled across this particular anthology, I couldn’t resist it. After all, I love YA science fiction and fantasy, and I love short fiction. So finding a collection which combined both those loves seemed tailor-made for me. I … Continue reading

Wizard’s Holiday, by Diane Duane (Harcourt Press, 2003)

The seventh book in Diane Duane’s long-running Young Wizards series picks up shortly after the previous one, A Wizard Alone, left off. For teen wizards Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan, it’s one of their favorite times of the year: spring … Continue reading

Wizards at War, by Diane Duane (Harcourt, 2005)

For teenage wizards Nita, Kit, and Dairine, life is never dull or ordinary. As part of a select group of magical champions, they might be called upon at any time to travel across the universe, negotiate a peace treaty between … Continue reading

Wildside, by Steven Gould, (Tor, 2003)

Some kids get a car when they graduate high school. Charlie Newell, however, got an entire parallel world, an Earth where humanity never evolved and extinct species still roam free. The legacy of his missing-and-presumed-dead uncle, the portal hidden in … Continue reading

White Midnight, by Dia Calhoun (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2003)

Rose Chandler isn’t your typical heroine: she’s skinny, ugly, and prone to panic attacks that often lead to fainting. At fifteen, she’s old enough to marry but knows all too well how undesirable she is. Frankly, she doesn’t care; her … Continue reading

Valiant, by Holly Black (Simon and Schuster, 2005)

When Valerie Russell’s life turns upside-down, and she’s simultaneously betrayed by both her mother and her boyfriend, she runs away from home, leaving behind everything she knows to eke out a new existence for herself on the streets, and in … Continue reading

Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld, (Simon Pulse, 2005)

Several hundred years in the future, after civilization has collapsed and been rebuilt, all of human society is divided into two categories: the uglies, and the pretties. Until you turn sixteen, you’re an ugly, forced to live in giant dormitories … Continue reading

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, (Megan Tingley Books, 2005)

Isabella (Bella) Swan never expected to really make a home for herself in the small Pacific Northwest town of Forks, Washington, where she’d be living with her father, the police chief. After all, she hasn’t stayed with him for years, … Continue reading

The Truth-Teller’s Tale, by Sharon Shinn (Viking, 2005)

One can tell no secrets. The other can tell no lies. Adele and Eleda may be twin sisters, but they couldn’t be more different where it counts. Adele is a Safe-Keeper, capricious and mysterious, trusted by all to keep their … Continue reading