Last Cut, by Wren Handman (James Lorimer & Company, 2013)

Caitlin Myers is a teenage actress who desperately wants to be a superstar.  When she gets the chance to audition for a local B-movie slasher flick, she leaps at the chance.  She’s thrilled when she wins the role, though less … Continue reading

Money Run, by Jack Heath (Scholastic, 2013)

Ashley Arthur is calm, cool, and collected. She can pick locks, steal cars, rewire alarms, and scale fences like a champion. She’s one of the best thieves in the world…and she’s only fifteen. With her partner Benjamin running tech support … Continue reading

Out of Sync, by Amanda Humann (Lerner, 2013)

Madison “Maddie” Wong plays soccer for the Fraser Hugh Copperheads.  A talented midfielder, she dreams of playing for a Division 1 college like Stanford or Duke, but she’s overly reliant on the “sick soccer sync” she shares with her best … Continue reading

Offside, by M.G. Higgins (Lerner, 2013)

Faith Patel may only be an average soccer player—practically a benchwarmer for the Fraser High Copperheads—but it’s something she loves.  More importantly, it’s one of her few refuges from the constant pressure of family and academics. Torn between her responsibilities … Continue reading

This is What Happy Looks Like, by Jennifer E. Smith (Little, Brown and Co, 2013)

He’s a teen movie star with a pet pig and a severe case of the sort of loneliness only the famous can know.  She’s a small town girl with daddy issues and her own reasons for keeping out of the … Continue reading

dancergirl, by Carol M. Tanzman (HarlequinTeen, 2011)

Alicia “Lia” Ruffino’s passion is dancing. She started with ballet, but now her talents run more to the modern style. She’s on the fast track to getting a solo at her dance studio’s next big show, but it’s random chance … Continue reading

Everything I Was, by Corinne Demas (Carolrhoda Lab/Lerner Books, 2011)

Thirteen-year-old Irene’s life is falling apart around her. Her father’s lost his job due to some corporate downsizing, while her mother’s excessive spending habits have helped put the family into debt. The solution: sell off much of their belongings, leave … Continue reading

What Can't Wait, by Ashley Hope Perez (Carolrhoda Lab/Lerner Books, 2011)

Marisa Moreno feels chained down by obligations, stretched thin in every direction by familial duties and expectations. Her parents barely speak English, her brother is more interested in tricking out his truck than helping out, and her sister is trapped … Continue reading

The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan (Hyperion, 2010)

Overview Rick Riordan, author of the popular Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, follows his earlier success with the start of a new series, one focusing on Egyptian myth and lore. A brother and sister discover their link to an … Continue reading

Hip Deep, edited by Abe Louise Young (Next Generation Press, 2006)

The Big Picture Hip Deep is a collection of essays written by American teenagers, told in their own voices and drawing on a wide variety of experiences. Alternately heartbreaking and inspirational, it’s a reflection on the matters and issues teens … Continue reading