Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater (Scholastic Press, 2009)

For years, a mysterious connection has existed between Grace and the yellow-eyed wolf that once saved her from his own kind as a child. Little does she know that the wolf spends his summers as a human, and that as Sam, he’s irresistibly drawn to her. All that changes when a local boy dies mysteriously, and a resultant backlash against the wolves of the area brings Sam and Grace together at last. Their romance is a swift and deep one, made all the more precious by the awareness of a time limit; when it gets too cold, Sam will become a wolf once more, never again to wear human form. Is their love doomed before it’s even begun? Featuring a uniquely compelling twist on werewolf mythos, and a powerful, believable relationship, Shiver captures the reader and doesn’t let go. The narrative spins forth with a complex blend of stark images and richly-layered descriptions, making this book impossible to put down.

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