Reviews Database Update

Everything I’ve done for Realms of Fantasy, which the exception of the most recent issue, has been uploaded. Go back and thrill to over 150 reviews covering SF and fantasy YA from 2006-2009. Look up your favorites, including Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Beka Cooper, Alfred Kropp, Maggie Quinn and many more.

All of my short fiction reviews for the “Short Cuts” column I wrote for Science Fiction Chronicle are now added to the database. However, I only uploaded the anthology reviews; for my own sanity, I skipped the magazine reviews. If anyone actually wants my sad attempts to cover magazines from 2003-2005, I’ll reconsider, but I’m not holding my breath. Formatting may still be a little wonky on some of these, as I really had to do some digging on old computers and in email to track down some of the columns. Enjoy them anyway.

Still to come: The Green Man Review 1999-2009, Absolute Magnitude, Science Fiction Chronicle YA reviews.

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