Puxhill by Night: An Audio Excerpt!


For those who enjoy their fiction in audio form, and who like having erotica read to them, I hereby present a very special treat. Nobilis Reed, host of the Nobilis Erotica Podcast, is featuring one of the stories from Puxhill by Night in this week’s episode. Pop on over for a free rendition of the never-before-published story, “The Runic Runaway,” read by the delightful Tia Townes. Apparently, there’s also a discount code available if you listen to the podcast and decide you want to buy the book via Circlet’s website. Hey, good deal! Free audio erotica, and a discount on the book itself.

“The Runic Runaway” started life as an erotic, lesbian mystery, when editor Joselle Vanderhooft put out a call for submissions for lesbian noir erotica. I offered up a tale of the night clerk at a seedy motel who encounters a mysterious young woman with runic tattoos and gaps in her memory. While the anthology never did fully come together, the story was too good to leave sitting around, and so Joselle graciously let me take it back when I put Puxhill by Night together. It’s a fun, strange story, and I urge you all to go check it out.

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