Perchance to Dream, by Lisa Mantchev (Feiwel and Friends, 2010)

Having come into her power as the Mistress of Revels, Bertie Smith has left the Theatre Illuminata in search of Nate, her pirate friend who was kidnapped by the sea goddess Sedna. With her as always are the alluring air spirit Ariel, and a gaggle of mischievous Shakespearian fairies. With nothing going as planned, Bertie’s going to have to do a lot of improvising if she wants to rescue Nate, find her true father, discover her true origins, puzzle out the extent of her feelings for both Nate and Ariel, and make sure the show goes on. The sequel to Eyes Like Stars, this is another rousing adventure of literary and theatrical whimsy, filled with sly twists and humorous moments. Bertie’s continuing story deserves multiple encores and a standing ovation.

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