Now Open For Votes: Best of Circlet Press Anthology

Now, I don’t usually do this. I’m not the most aggressive of self-promoters, but y’know… It’s like this: Circlet Press is putting out a Best Of anthology to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and they’ve posted a whole lot of stories from their various ebook anthologies. Yours Truly actually has a story in the running, and I’d love it if folks dropped by to vote for me. If you love me, do it because it’ll make me happy. If you hate me, vote for me because if I win I’ll die of shock. If you don’t care, vote for me because I’m the lesser of two evils.

The story in question is “The Devil’s Masquerade” and it was originally published in Masked Pleasures. It’s an erotic fantasy piece starring my lesbian adventurers, Grace and Starling, as they investigate the strange doings at their city’s most notorious annual event. I’m quite proud of it.

You can vote here. I’m willing to supply people with a copy of the story in question if they need a refresher course on why it’s awesome. Ask nice, I might even have a limited number of the full ebook to give away. Though if you were to, I dunno, buy it, that’s fine also.

As long as you’re there, please vote for four other stories. There’s a lot of wonderful stuff written by excellent authors, and I know some of them deserve to be in an anthology with me. :) So get to it!

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