New Publication: She Shifters

Normally, I’d wait a little while longer to announce this publication, but I just received my contributor copies of She-Shifters: Lesbian Paranormal Erotica, edited by Delilah Devlin, and I figured why not enjoy a nice morale boost.  The anthology has a release date of July 10, but it’s already available on Amazon.  Go figure.

I’m quite pleased with my story for this collection.  “Thwarting the Spirits” is, like so many of my other pieces, set in Puxhill, and takes advantage of the slowly-growing cast of characters and places and mythology associated with that fine fictional city.  Not only will you meet Hala Laghari, were-mongoose and Purnima Gurtu, were-cobra, and see just why their relationship has such…difficulties, you’ll run into several other notables, including the first appearance of the Coyote Brothers (about whom I want to write so much more.)  Later, I’ll find a chance to talk more about why I love the protagonists in this story and find them so awesome.

This is a great anthology,  and I’m so happy to be in it. If you like lesbian erotica and shapeshifters who aren’t necessarily wolves, this is one to strongly consider.



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