Drink, Slay, Love, by Sarah Beth Durst (Simon & Schuster, 2011)

Teen vampire Pearl’s life is thrown into disarray when she’s staked by a unicorn. Instead of killing her, the experience changes her, granting her the ability to survive in sunlight. Her Family promptly sends her to infiltrate high school, to find victims for the impending visit of their king and his retinue, a traditionally bloody affair. Unfortunately, as Pearl learns to fit in among human teenagers, she develops an inconvenient conscience, and acquires some unexpected friends. With two different aspects of her life vying for dominance, Pearl has to decide who and what she is. Durst takes the superficially silly idea and injects it with humor, drama, and rich characterization, playing the “fish out of water” theme for all it’s worth. One of the most entertaining vampire books to come along in a while.

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