Dreams and Visions, edited by M. Jerry Weiss and Helen S. Weiss (Starscape, 2006)

Fourteen authors tell all-new stories of fantasy and science fiction in this collection aimed at young adults. Charles de Lint visits the Newford of 1967 to tell a romance in “Dharma.” Suzanne Fisher Staples examines duty, obligation and destiny in the tale of an American-raised teenager forced to return to Pakistan after his grandfather dies in “Jameel and the House of Djinn.” Joan Bauer’s writer protagonist suffers a creative block in “Blocked.” Rich Wallace’s “Allegro” sees two teenagers on the track team come together through an inexplicable connection. In David Lubar’s “Abra-Ca-Deborah,” a female magician struggles against the prejudice of her male peers. Tamora Pierce examines the true nature of power in a society where women are oppressed, in “The Hidden Girl.” Other stories by Mel Glenn, Patrice Kindl, John Ritter, S.L. Rottman, Neal Shusterman, Nancy Springer, Michael Tunnell and Sharon Dennis Wyeth round out a thoroughly pleasing, eclectic anthology that’s highly worth checking out.

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