Cupid, by Julius Lester (Harcourt, 2007)

Psyche is a young woman whose extreme beauty brings her nothing but loneliness and dissatisfaction. Cupid is the god of love, ordered by his mother, Venus, to make sure Psyche falls in love with the most unsuitable, undesirable man possible. Instead, Cupid falls for Psyche himself, thus beginning a love story like no other. For the gods are capricious, and those who fall under their influence never escape unscathed. Before Cupid and Psyche can live happily ever after, they’ll both undergo great challenges and dangerous tasks. But if they succeed, their love will be legendary. Cupid is a wonderful retelling of a series of old Greek myths, reinvigorated with modern energy and a wry, accessible tone. Lester skillfully draws upon myth and legend to deliver an enjoyable story here, one that’s sure to please.

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