Trolls’ Eye View, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (Viking, 2009)

In this new collection of short stories from acclaimed anthologists Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, fifteen of the field’s best fantasy authors tackle the subject of fairy tales, retold from the viewpoint of the villain, and aimed at a younger … Continue reading

Curse of the Blue Tattoo, by L.A. Meyer (Harcourt, 2005)

After her grand adventures aboard HMS Dolphin came to an ignominious end following the discovery that ship’s boy (later midshipman) Jacky Faber was, in fact, a fifteen-year-old girl, the spirited heroine of the Bloody Jack series embarks upon a new … Continue reading

Under the Jolly Roger, by L.A. Meyer (Harcourt, 2005)

Jacky Faber, Scourge of the Seven Seas, is at it again! After leaving the Lawson Peabody School For Young Girls under dubious circumstances (the fire wasn’t entirely her fault), Jacky finds passage across the Atlantic on a whaling ship, as … Continue reading

In the Belly of the Bloodhound, by L.A. Meyer (Harcourt, 2006)

Author: L. A. Meyer The infamous, irrepressible Jacky Faber has been many things in her time: orphan, begger, thief, sailor, officer in the British Navy, schoolgirl, lady, pirate, and entertainer.  However, she’s about to take on an entirely new role: … Continue reading

Lady With An Alien, by Mike Resnick (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2005)

Legendary genius and the original (and literal) Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, struggles with a painting commissioned by his current patron, the Regent of Milan. The problem is, the subject of the painting is an empty-headed, vacuous woman whose only … Continue reading

Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide To The Fantastical World Around You, by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi (Simon and Schuster, 2005)

This is the long-awaited capstone to the bestselling, highly popular Spiderwick Chronicles, and is actually a replica of the book which carries much of the story’s plot. In the books, the three Grace children find their uncle’s Field Guide to … Continue reading

Eldest, by Christopher Paolini (Alfred A. Knopf, 2005)

No sooner has one battle ended for young hunter-turned-reluctant hero Eragon and his dragon Saphira, than another begins. For the world has become an ever more dangerous place, filled with uncertainty and potential betrayal around every corner. The Empire now … Continue reading

Spirits That Walk In Shadow, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Viking, 2006)

For those who attend college, freshman year is perhaps the strangest, most trying period of their time there. Away from home for an extended period of time, with ready access to drugs, alcohol, and the opposite sex, exposed to all … Continue reading

Larklight, by Phillip Reeve (Bloomsbury, 2006)

For Art and Myrtle Mumby, life is anything but normal. They dwell in the sprawling house known as Larklight, which occupies an orbit out in the blackness of space beyond the Earth’s Moon. Their history is one in which Newton’s … Continue reading