Ravenous, by Sharon Ashwood (Signet Eclipse, 2009)

She’s a witch. He’s a vampire. Together and separately, they bust ghosts, cleanse haunted houses, and deal with the other paranormal weirdness that’s come into public view ever since the supernatural community revealed itself at the turn of the century. … Continue reading

Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia (Baen, 2009)

When full-time accountant and part-time gun nut Owen Zastava Pitt discovers, the hard way, that his boss is a werewolf, and ends up winning the fight by tossing said werewolf out of a fourteenth story window to its death, he’s … Continue reading

Hands of Flame, by C.E. Murphy (Luna, 2008)

Ever since she was drawn into the world of the Old Races, supernatural creatures dwelling in secret alongside humanity, lawyer Margrit Knight has risked life and limb for them. Time and again, she’s gone up against immensely powerful beings, negotiating … Continue reading

Deathwish, by Rob Thurman (Roc, 2009)

The Leandros brothers — brooding, gunhappy Cal, and Niko, the consummate warrior — are once again up to their ears in trouble of the supernatural variety. It’s only been a matter of weeks since their last traumatic encounter with the … Continue reading

Deader Still, by Anton Strout (Ace, 2009)

As an agent for New York’s Department of Extraordinary Affairs, Simon Canderous is used to all sorts of weird things, from killer books to evil cultists to unquiet apparitions. But even he has a lot to learn, as he discovers … Continue reading

Dayhunter, by Jocelynn Drake (Eos, 2009)

Mira was happy when all she had to do was watch over her territory of Savannah, Georgia, making sure no nightwalkers or werewolves got out of line. Sadly, the quiet days are but a fading memory, as her nocturnal world … Continue reading

Bone Crossed, by Patricia Briggs (Ace, 2009)

Poor Mercy Thompson. She just can’t catch a break. She’s still recovering from the horrific series of events chronicled in the previous book (Iron Kissed), which led to her being drugged and raped by a now-very-dead sleazebag, when the twisted … Continue reading

Bad to the Bone, by Jeri Smith-Ready (Pocket Books, 2009)

Baltimore residents are all tuning in to WVMP. Not because of its fabulously eclectic range of music, but because of its hot, highly-publicized new gimmick: its DJs are all vampires, playing the music that was hot when they were mortal. … Continue reading

At Grave's End, by Jeaniene Frost (Avon, 2009)

As usual, Cat Crawford has problems. Her mother disapproves of her vampire lover, Bones. Her father is an evil scumbag who deserves a long, slow, painful death. Her identity has been exposed to the vampires she hunts for the government, … Continue reading

Wicked Game, by Jeri Smith-Ready (Pocket Books, 2008)

Ciara Griffin spent most of her life as a con artist, helping herself to other peoples’ money, until her work started to eat away at her conscience. After one last big score, she retired from that life, and went back … Continue reading