Path of the Just, edited by James Lowder (Guardians of Order, 2003)

When I received this, I was hoping it would be along the lines of the excellent anthology, Superheroes, edited by John Varley and Alicia Mainhardt (Ace, 1995). Based on the roleplaying game Silver Age Sentinels, Path of the Just contains … Continue reading

Hottie, by Jonathan Bernstein (Razorbill, 2009)

When spoiled teen princess Alison Cole falls for the bad advice of some treacherous friends and undergoes an experimental plastic surgery procedure, it backfires, secretly granting her pyrokinetic abilities. Meanwhile, her popularity mysteriously vanishes overnight, her friends desert her, and … Continue reading

Chance Fortune in the Shadow Zone, by Shane Berryhill (Tor Starscape, 2008)

Thanks to a teleporter malfunction, fledging superhero Chance Fortune and his team, the Outlaws, are left stranded in the deadly Shadow Zone, their powers scrambled. Here, they have to deal with the legions of super villains exiled to the Zone … Continue reading

Hero, by Perry Moore (Hyperion, 2007)

Thom Creed is not your average teenager. Blessed with amazing healing powers, trying to live down the legacy of his father, a disgraced superhero, he struggles with secrets of his own. When he goes against his father’s wishes and joins … Continue reading

Chance Fortune and the Outlaws, by Shane Berryhill (Starscape Books, 2006)

After his application to an exclusive school for superhumans is rejected due to his lack of powers, Joshua Blevins reinvents himself as Chance Fortune, lack-manipulating adventurer and gets in. However, getting in turns out to be the easy part. Now … Continue reading

The Touch of Twilight, by Vicki Pettersson (Eos, 2008)

There’s a secret war raging on the streets of Las Vegas, with the hearts and souls of all who live there at stake. Two opposing troops of superhuman individuals known as the Zodiac, one representing Light, the other championing Shadow, … Continue reading