Sorcery and the Single Girl, by Mindy Klasky (Red Dress Ink, 2007)

When Jane Madison, a librarian working at the historic Peabridge Library in Georgetown, Washington D.C ., discovered a secret cache of magical books, crystals and other paraphernalia, she was catapulted into a world of witchcraft and magic. Now she has … Continue reading

Hell’s Belles and The Road To Hell, by Jackie Kessler (Kensington, 2007)

For a very long time, Jezebel the succubus was very good at what she did: tempt and seduce mortals, and ultimately suck the souls of the damned down to Hell for their eternal punishment. And then something happened, an upheaval … Continue reading

Heart of Stone, by C.E. Murphy (Luna, 2007)

Rationally, Margrit Knight knows that jogging after dark — after midnight, no less — in Central Park isn’t a good idea. Irrationally, she does it anyway, eager for the clarity of mind and feeling of freedom it gives her to … Continue reading

Halfway to the Grave, by Jeaniene Frost (Avon, 2007)

Catherine “Cat” Crawford spends her nights trolling the local bars and nightclubs, luring men to their doom. The almost-unique offspring of a human and a vampire, gifted with certain vampiric traits, she’s promised her mother that she’ll kill as many … Continue reading

Blood Lines, by Eileen Wilks (Berkley, 2007)

In an alternate world where magic is real, werewolves have gone public, and the FBI has an entire section devoted to dealing with supernatural problems, troubleshooting agents don’t come any better than Lily Yu or Cynna Weaver. Lily, who can … Continue reading

The Cipher, by Diana Pharaoh Francis (Roc, 2007)

Lucy Trenton leads a complicated life. A member of the Rampling family, which rules the powerful harbor city of Crosspointe, she works as a customs inspector, responsible for overseeing so much of the trade which flows through the city. What … Continue reading

Eve of Darkness, by S.J. Day (Tor, 2009)

Some days, you just can’t win. That’s the attitude Evangeline Hollis had adopted ever since she was dragged, rather unwillingly, into a complex world full of monsters and violence. How was she to know that an inexplicable episode of indiscretion … Continue reading

Razor Girl, by Marianne Mancusi (Shomi, 2008)

In 2030, as the world was descending into chaos thanks to a flu-like plague that killed many and mutated others into ravening monsters, Molly Anderson and her mother hid away in a specially-prepared bunker, courtesy of her father, a brilliant … Continue reading

Countdown, by Michelle Maddox (Shomi, 2008)

Kira has been eking out a passable existence as a thief and pickpocket ever since the brutal murder of her family when she was in her teens. Occasionally using her psychic ability to “read” people, she picks her targets carefully. … Continue reading