La Vida Vampire, by Nancy Haddock (Berkley, 2008)

Francesca Marinelli is one of the best ghost tour guides in St. Augustine, Florida, able to relate spooky stories about her surroundings and the spirits that haunt them like no other. Of course, in her case, she has an advantage: … Continue reading

House of Cards, by C.E. Murphy (Luna, 2008)

“We are here to tell you that there is strength in numbers, and that a balance has changed.” With those words, a long-lost faction of the Old Races, those supernatural creatures which have lived among us for the length of … Continue reading

Free Fall, by Laura Anne Gilman (Harlequin Luna, 2008)

Life used to be -easy- for Wren Valere. She kept under the radar, and did her job as a Retriever, acquiring objects for people who didn’t care about cost or legality. But that was before things got messy. Before she … Continue reading

Cry Wolf, by Patricia Briggs (Ace, 2008)

Following a series of events in Chicago, Anna Latham, once the least important werewolf of the pack, has become mated to Charles Cornick, son of the the Marrok, the most powerful werewolf in North America. Their fates linked together in … Continue reading

The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey (Harlequin Luna, 2008)

In the Five Hundred Kingdoms, powerful magic known as the Tradition influences everything, forcing people into a variety of well-worn Paths inspired by fairy tales and folklore. Left unchecked, this could result in disaster and misery, which is why long … Continue reading

Clockwork Heart, by Dru Pagliassotti (Juno Books, 2008)

One of the greatest cities in the world is Ondinium, an industrialized city built on a mountain. Its people divided into several castes, its every function determined by the clockwork Great Engine and various lesser calculating machines, it’s a city … Continue reading

Lace and Blade, by Deborah J. Ross (Norilana Books, 2008)

In Lace and Blade, editor Deborah J. Ross has brought together a number of stories which look to convey a sense of romantic fantasy, as inspired by authors like Oscar Wilde or Tanith Lee, or classic characters like Zorro, the … Continue reading

Succubus On Top, by Richelle Mead (Kensington 2008)

Life is starting to look up for Georgina Kincaid, part-time bookseller and full-time succubus. After all, she’s got a job where she can score as many white chocolate mochas as she wants and a boyfriend who also happens to be … Continue reading

Succubus Blues, by Richelle Mead (Kensington, 2007)

At first glance, Georgina Kincaid is just your average everyday retail monkey, working as a clerk for Emerald City Books and Cafe, one of Seattle’s finest bookstores. Her weaknesses: shoes, white chocolate mochas, and Seth Mortensen, one of today’s most … Continue reading

Stray, by Rachel Vincent (Mira, 2007)

Faythe Sanders thought if she went far enough away to grad school, she could escape her family indefinitely. Unfortunately, as one of very few werecat females of breeding age left in North America, daughter to one of the major Pride … Continue reading