The Lost Fleet #6: Victorious, by Jack Campbell (Ace, 2010)

After long months and great hardship, Captain John “Black Jack” Geary has accomplished the impossible: he’s brought the Alliance fleet home. The fleet’s suffered great losses in its desperate, prolonged escape from the heart of Syndic space, but under Geary’s … Continue reading

Stark’s War, by John G. Hemry, Ace (2000)

In the not-so-distant future, the United States of America has emerged as the last true superpower, ruling the globe with an iron fist called the Pax America. However, one frontier remains free of their grip: the Moon. Here, various countries … Continue reading

When The Devil Dances, by John Ringo (Baen, 2003)

In the third book of John Ringo’s exciting series, the stakes have been raised once again. The alien Posleen have been on Earth for five years now, and we’re losing, badly. Civilization is down to a few scattered pockets in … Continue reading

Stark’s Crusade, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2002)

John Hemry concludes his exciting trilogy about Sergeant Ethan Stark, a man betrayed by his superiors and forced to go against the very system he stands for in order to do what’s right. He and the rest of the American … Continue reading

Stark’s Command, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2001)

There’s the old saying, “If you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself.” There’s also the one about “putting your money where your mouth is.” Both of these sayings have just become quite relevant for Sergeant … Continue reading

Burden of Proof, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2004)

It’s been over a year since Paul Sinclair, legal officer for the Space Navy’s USS Michaelson, testified in the court-martial of his first commanding officer. Since then, he’s settled down to a life in space, serving to the best of … Continue reading

The Better Part of Valor, by Tanya Huff (DAW, 2002)

Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr’s reward for surviving a near-catastrophic situation while keeping her people and her civilian charges alive is reassignment, a fact that doesn’t please her in the least. Maybe she shouldn’t have told the general who got her … Continue reading

A Just Determination, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2003)

Ensign Paul Sinclair has just been assigned to the USS Michaelson, his first posting as an officer. Armed with several years of Academy training and specialized schooling, he’s surprised when his lone legal course qualifies him to be the ship’s … Continue reading

A Hymn Before Battle, by John Ringo (Baen, 2001)

There has been no shortage of books dealing with “First Contact” between humanity and extra-terrestrial races, and the results thereof. In his first novel, newcomer John Ringo skips all of the anticipation and wondering, and gets right down to business, … Continue reading