The Dresden Files (SciFi Channel, 2007; Fox DVD, 2008)

As I write this, I’ve watched the debut episode “Birds of a Feather” of The Dresden Files (starring Paul Blackthorne as the titular character) four times. I’ve finally managed to organize my thoughts on the matter. As a longtime fan … Continue reading

War For The Oaks trailer (directed by Will Shetterly, 1995)

“Eddi McCandry, the Seelie Court goes to war, and needs the presence of mortal blood to bring death to its enemies.” –From War For The Oaks, The Phouka summing up why they need Eddi McCandry, unemployed musician-at-large. In 1987, Emma … Continue reading

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (Written and Directed by George Lucas, 2002)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a man took a whole slew of mythic elements and cultural themes and wove them into one of the great stories of the 20th Century: The farm boy, ignorant of … Continue reading

Spider-Man (2002, Directed by Sam Raini, Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko)

With great power comes great responsibility. It’s the guiding mantra behind one of the 20th Century’s greatest heroes. But before he was a hero, he was a young man. A confused teenager like every other, with a crush on the … Continue reading

Spider-Man, by Peter David (Ballantine, 2002)

The story has become a modern day myth. A young man is granted extraordinary powers through a chance accident, and becomes one of the greatest heroes of his generation. Twist it a little, and it could be a Greek myth, … Continue reading

Sacred Fire, by Charles de Lint (From The Hunger) (Television, 1999; DVD 2000)

The freaks are out there. They look like everyday people, masquerading as the homeless, the crazies, the street people. They lurk on the street corners, warm themselves around garbage can fires, and watch for certain people, the ones with the … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

One of the most highly-anticipated cinematic events of the year, rivaling Star Wars Episode I in terms of pre-release hype and ready-made fan base, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has been a constant in the public consciousness for months.We’ve … Continue reading

The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1986)

Some of the greatest fantasy movies in recent memory have come from the incomparable, unbeatable, and sadly never to be repeated collaborations of Jim Henson and Brian Froud. Take the magical madness of Henson’s muppets and the bizarre mythic imagery … Continue reading