Shadow's Edge, by Brent Weeks (Orbit, 2008)

Cenaria has fallen to the ruthless Godking of Khalidor and his armies. The legendary wetboy, Durzo Blint, is dead at the hands of his apprentice Kylar Stern, who has since rejected the life of a killer for the quiet existence … Continue reading

The Way of Shadows, by Brent Weeks (Orbit, 2008)

In many ways, Cenaria is the cesspool of Midcyru, a realm of murderers, thieves, and opportunists perpetually threatened by other lands, the most dangerous of which is Khalidor, ruled by their merciless Godking. In Cenaria City, the worst spot of … Continue reading

The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey (Harlequin Luna, 2008)

In the Five Hundred Kingdoms, powerful magic known as the Tradition influences everything, forcing people into a variety of well-worn Paths inspired by fairy tales and folklore. Left unchecked, this could result in disaster and misery, which is why long … Continue reading

The Misenchanted Sword, by Lawrence Watt-Evans (Cosmos, 2008)

It’s the height of the Great War when a lone Ethsharitic scout, Valder, finds himself far from home, separated from the rest of his unit, and lost in the depths of a swamp. Accidentally stumbling across an enigmatic hermit, who … Continue reading

The Accidental Sorcerer, by K.E. Mills (Orbit, 2009)

For probationary Compliance Officer Gerald Dunwoody of the Ottosland Department of Thaumaturgy, it was supposed to be a routine safety inspection. You know, nose around a little, find out why the Stuttley’s Superior Staff factory hadn’t been submitting their paperwork … Continue reading

Clockwork Heart, by Dru Pagliassotti (Juno Books, 2008)

One of the greatest cities in the world is Ondinium, an industrialized city built on a mountain. Its people divided into several castes, its every function determined by the clockwork Great Engine and various lesser calculating machines, it’s a city … Continue reading

Sword and Sorceress XXII , edited by Elisabeth Waters (Norilana Books, 2007)

In 1984, the first Sword and Sorceress anthology came out, edited by the notoriously feminist writer and editor, Marion Zimmer Bradley. Her goal: to breathe new life into the roles of females in the fantasy field, to encourage strong new … Continue reading

Lace and Blade, by Deborah J. Ross (Norilana Books, 2008)

In Lace and Blade, editor Deborah J. Ross has brought together a number of stories which look to convey a sense of romantic fantasy, as inspired by authors like Oscar Wilde or Tanith Lee, or classic characters like Zorro, the … Continue reading

Strange Candy, by Laurell K. Hamilton (Berkley, 2006)

When you think of Laurell K. Hamilton, you probably think first of her Anita Blake series of books, and of highly-sensualized vampires and werewolves. Or perhaps you think of her Meredith Gentry series of even more sexualized faeries and related … Continue reading