Perchance to Dream, by Lisa Mantchev (Feiwel and Friends, 2010)

Having come into her power as the Mistress of Revels, Bertie Smith has left the Theatre Illuminata in search of Nate, her pirate friend who was kidnapped by the sea goddess Sedna. With her as always are the alluring air … Continue reading

Black Blade Blues, by J.A. Pitts (Tor, 2010)

For Sarah Beauhall, life’s about to get very, very complicated. A blacksmith by trade, she live from paycheck to paycheck, making horseshoes for local farmers and replica weapons for convention-goers and the local Society for Creative Anachronism. By night, she … Continue reading

Red Hood's Revenge, by Jim C. Hines (DAW, 2010)

They are the secret protectors of the kingdom of Lorindar. Snow White, the sultry mistress of mirror magic. Danielle, wielder of a powerful glass sword, once known as Cinderella. Talia, whose fairy gifts make her a powerful warrior, but whose … Continue reading

Unperfect Souls, by Mark del Franco (Ace, 2010)

Ever since Connor Grey kind of helped destroy the passageways between Earth and TirNaNog, dead Fey have been walking, unable to rest. But even the Dead can die, and when one of the Dead turns up without a head, it’s … Continue reading

Battle of the Network Zombies, by Mark Henry (Kensington, 2010)

In a perfect world, Amanda Feral, Seattle’s favorite zombie fashionista, socialite, and trouble magnet, wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Her nightlife would be nothing but fruity drinks and tasty college boys. Think again. Her business is in dire … Continue reading

Unfallen Dead, by Mark Del Franco (Ace, 2009)

Ever since he lost the bulk of his magical abilities in an attempt to stop a magical terrorist, Connor Grey has eked out a living as a PI. As a druid and former investigator for the Fey Guild, he’s uniquely … Continue reading

The Spy Who Haunted Me, by Simon R. Green (Roc, 2009)

Eddie Drood, aka Shaman Bond, is back, and this time he’s about to meet the competition. Following the events of the Hungry Gods War, he stepped down from running the Drood family, content to once again act as a field … Continue reading

Storm Born, by Richelle Mead (Zebra, 2008)

Meet Eugenie Markham. Under her professional name of Odile Dark Swan, she’s a powerful shaman who hunts down unruly and unwelcome spirits, either killing or banishing them back to the Otherworld, depending on the circumstances. Mercenary and relentless, she’s become … Continue reading

Skin Deep, by Mark Del Franco (Ace, 2009)

Laura Blackstone is a woman of many faces. Under the Blackstone name, she serves as public relations director for the Fey Guild in Washington, DC. But as Janice Crawford, she’s a freelance druidess who occasionally works with D.C. SWAT when … Continue reading

Deathwish, by Rob Thurman (Roc, 2009)

The Leandros brothers — brooding, gunhappy Cal, and Niko, the consummate warrior — are once again up to their ears in trouble of the supernatural variety. It’s only been a matter of weeks since their last traumatic encounter with the … Continue reading