Today's FebruarYAY! Review – Only The Good Spy Young

Continuing with the Ally Carter theme, today’s review is of the latest in her way-too-much-fun Gallagher Girls series. Why this isn’t a TV show by now, I’ll never know. Come on, it’s got high school girls fighting evil! Anyway, read … Continue reading

Today's FebruarYAY! Review – Monster High

No, this isn’t what you get after smoking that funny cigarette your long-haired tie-dye-wearing cool uncle from San Francisco left after he visited the one time. Monster High is an under-the-radar tie-in novel written by Lisi Harrison of the Clique … Continue reading

Updates In Every Aspect

Reviewerly: Realms of Fantasy not dead after all. They’ve been picked up by Damnation Press, according to various reports. More details to follow, such as whether or not my YA column will continue to be a constant feature. One would … Continue reading

New Reviews Online – Big Update!

With Realms of Fantasy making its final round of farewells, the last issue, cover-dated December 2010, is currently available online only on the website. Even before that, my column from this issue was cut for space considerations, so it would … Continue reading