Now Available: Like A Cunning Plan: Erotic Trickster Tales

I am pleased–no, honored–no, thrilled–no, ecstatic to announce that my second first anthology is now available for download from Amazon, and shall shortly be available via all other major online retailers as they process in the system.  Like A Cunning … Continue reading

New Publications and Other Updates

Some very few of you might have been wondering where Yours Truly has been for the past month or so.  Well, after the Kickstarter for Scheherazade’s Facade ended, I took the money, converted it into gold bars, and fled to … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade: Post Game Report #1

Short and sweet: we did it.  With a final total of $6153 (over our original goal of $5000), and a total of 233 backers, the Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign came to an end, and was officially successful.  Thank you to … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade: The Penultimate Kickstarter Update

Ladies and gentlemen, our month-long odyssey nears its inevitable conclusion.  The Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign has approximately twelve hours left to run before it ends tonight at 3 AM EDT.  I’m not going to inundate you with a blow-by-blow countdown … Continue reading

Assorted Updates and Good News

1) Thanks, folks! All of your voting paid off! “Devil’s Masquerade” has been accepted for inclusion in Fantastic Erotica: The Best of Circlet Press 2008-2012.  I’m thrilled that my sexy lesbian adventurers will get a chance to see print yet … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade: The Final Countdown

Oooo, shades of the ’80s.  It’s the final countdown!  The Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign is nearing the end of its dramatic journey.  We’ve all had some good times along the way–who can forget the climatic battle against the jetpack gorillas, … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade: Reminder and Ephemera

Hello, all.  I’m coming to you live from my secret volcano lair, to remind you that the Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign is still live and going strong.  Right now, there are twelve days to go until we end on April … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade: Week Two and Other Kickstarter Signal Boosts

So here we are, at the end of the second week of the Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign.  And, well, things look good.  We hit our goal on Monday, and now we’re just trying to see what sort of damage we … Continue reading