A Note About Reviews

We’re currently in the process of uploading and editing the hundreds of reviews I’ve written over the past decade. Mind you, these reviews span half a dozen different venues and just as many formats, ranging fron the extremely short to the long and rambling. Thus, expect a little mess and inconsistency while things are coaxed into some semblance of uniformity and order, links are checked, and so on. Unfortunately, there’s no real rhyme or reason to the order in which reviews have been or will be entered, so if you’re curious about a particular author or book, feel free to use the search bar.

I have to issue my thanks to Rodger Turner of SF Site and Cat Eldridge of The Green Man Review for allowing me to archive my reviews here, even while the original copies are still posted on their respective sites. For those reviews which ran in SF Chronicle, Absolute Magnitude, and Realms of Fantasy, this will be the only place to find them online … once they’re uploaded, of course.

All reviews apply to whatever edition of the book I read at the time. Formats, publishers, even availability may have changed in the intervening years. This is why Google, Amazon and your friendly local independent store are your friends, as are specific author websites. I just review ’em, I don’t sell ’em. Even though my wife wishes I did. Something about living in a library….

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the company. If you want to check on my more immediate doings, feel free to swing over to my Livejournal.

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