Updates In Every Aspect

Reviewerly: Realms of Fantasy not dead after all. They’ve been picked up by Damnation Press, according to various reports. More details to follow, such as whether or not my YA column will continue to be a constant feature. One would … Continue reading

New Reviews Online – Big Update!

With Realms of Fantasy making its final round of farewells, the last issue, cover-dated December 2010, is currently available online only on the website. Even before that, my column from this issue was cut for space considerations, so it would … Continue reading

Personal Demons, by Lisa Desrochers (Tor Teen, 2010)

Good girl Frannie Cavanaugh has just become the latest target in the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell, with demon Luc Cain and angel Gabriel both going undercover in her high school in order to jockey for her favor and … Continue reading

Delcroix Academy: The Candidates, by Inara Scott (Hyperion, 2010)

Dancia Lewis has lived her entire life trying not to be noticed, trying to hide the strange power that lashes out of her whenever someone she cares for is in danger. Thus, she’s surprised when the Delcroix Academy, a place … Continue reading

Fallen #2: Torment, by Lauren Kate (Delacorte Press, 2010)

Continuing the epic love story between fallen angel Daniel and perpetually reincarnated Luce, this installment sees Luce relocated to the mysterious Shoreline School, secretly home to all sorts of angelic crossbreeds, a place where she can safely come into her … Continue reading

Low Red Moon, by Ivy Devlin (Bloomsbury, 2010)

Following the horrific murder of her parents, which she witnessed but cannot remember, Avery Hood leaves her beloved home in the woods to stay with her grandmother. When she meets Ben, whom she soon discovers to be a werewolf, the … Continue reading

Black Hole Sun, by David Macinnis Gill (Greenwillow, 2010)

On Mars, you grow up fast or not at all. For Durango, the teenage leader of a motley band of mercenaries, that means taking deadly jobs so he can give his imprisoned father a better life in jail. It also … Continue reading

Escape From Furnace #2: Solitary, by Alexander Gordon Smith (Farrar Straus Giroux, 2010)

Framed for murder, imprisoned for life in the hellish Furnace Penitentiary, Alex Sawyer must escape if he wants to avoid the horrible fate awaiting him in the bowels of the Earth. But when his plan to break out fails, landing … Continue reading

Leviathan #2: Behemoth, by Scott Westerfeld (Simon Pulse, 2010)

Westerfeld’s wildly inventive reworking of the First World War heats up as the Germans and English enter into open hostilities, bio-engineered creatures against mechanical marvels. Aboard the English airship Leviathan, Midshipman Deryn Sharp (secretly a girl) and Alek (Austrian Prince … Continue reading