I, Alien, edited by Mike Resnick (Daw, 2005)

Mike Resnick has never shied away from asking a lot from the authors who grace his collections. In the past, his anthologies have covered all manner of alternate realities, pasts, and futures, male authors have been asked to write as … Continue reading

You Bet Your Planet, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Brittiany A. Koren (DAW, 2005)

Just when you thought it was safe to turn off the television and open a book, reality TV and game shows have invaded your favorite anthology. Well, maybe not quite, but in You Bet Your Planet, eleven authors tackle the … Continue reading

Best Time Travel of the 20th Century, edited by Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg (Del Rey, 2005)

Harry Turtledove has done a great job so far with his “Best … of the 20th Century” anthologies so far, so I knew going in that this reprint collection of time travel stories was bound to be of interest. Here … Continue reading

Children of the Rune, edited by Sue Weinlein Cook (Malhavoc Press, 2004)

Based on the role-playing game Arcana Unearthed, created by Monte Cook, this is a collection of stories told in the land of the Diamond Throne. The quick rundown: numerous fantastical races inhabit various parts of the land of the Diamond … Continue reading

Best of the Best, edited by Gardner Dozois (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2005)

Just a few months ago, I lavished praise upon the most recent volume of Dozois’ Year’s Best Science Fiction. Now we have Best of the Best, an impressive paperback tome which draws upon the first twenty volumes in the series … Continue reading

Christmas Stars, edited by David G. Hartwell (Tor, 2004)

Originally published in 1992, and released last year just in time for Christmas, it’s obvious what the unifying theme of this anthology is: Christmas as re-envisioned in science fiction and fantasy. There’s plenty of interesting stories to choose from here, … Continue reading

Transformers Legends, edited by David Cian (iBooks, 2004)

While the Transformers franchise has been in existence steadily since it first hit America back in the early ‘80s, it still seems to primarily carry that ‘80s atmosphere, no matter how it’s updated or changed every few years. Whether the … Continue reading

Cosmic Tales: Adventures in Far Futures, edited by T.K.F. Weisskopf (Baen, 2005)

Offered as a followup to Cosmic Tales: Adventures in Sol System, this collection of stories pushes the limits, taking its various protagonists to distant stars and farflung settings. Like the title suggests, the stories are weighted towards adventure tales and … Continue reading